Thursday, 28 February 2008


It's nearly 4 AM and I can't sleep. What do I do, other than listen to the sweet indie rock of the Evens? I've compiled some statistics on my show so far, for my own weird curiosity about that sort of thing. I've done 7 shows so far, not many, but it feels like I've played so many bands. I actually didn't figure out the exact number of bands/artists I've played, though. Some other time.

Aside from my theme song and Talking Heads, the bands/artists I've played the most, at 4 times each, are: Björk, Burial, Matmos, the Ocean, and Os Mutantes. Though, arguably, I've played Matmos 5 times because they collaborated with Björk on the track "Unison."

After that, with 3 times each, are: Ellen Allien, Converge, Dälek, PJ Harvey, and Pelican.

The only single track I've played more than once is "Ghost Hardware" by Burial.

I've played Björk, Matmos, the Smiths and Discordance Axis 2 times within the span of one show.

The total number of different tracks I've played is 149 from 110 CDs.

The average number of tracks per show is 22. Low: 19, High: 25, Median: 21, Modes: 21, 25

Neato, huh?

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