Thursday, 18 December 2008

A Guide To Listening To Earth 2

I recently remarked that I was disappointed by the latest Earth record. Other than the fact that it was just a boring record, I'm bothered by how it just isn't Earth 2. Now, now, repeating the same thing is not the best for artists who want to grow and change and evolve and all, but Earth 2!! It is a classic, great album and easily one of my favorite albums ever (genres aside, it needs no specific categorization). However, Earth 2 is not everyday listening. The grandiosity, the magnitude of the compositions is basis for not playing it all the time. It is for a special occasion (whatever that may be), but more importantly, under specific conditions. You don't just put on Earth 2 and check your e-mail or read a book. It may be "ambient" or "atmospheric" or some other rather pretentious adjective, but it is not background. Henceforth, I suggest that one ought to abide by the following conditions while listening to Earth 2:

1. Go to the bathroom first. Interruptions are BAD.

2. Also make sure you've eaten, because you'd hate to have a rumbling in your stomach while the speakers are rumbling incredibly loudly.

3. Find somewhere comfortable to sit and/or lay down. A bed is a good place, but a couch also works. Pillows are a worthwhile investment. I highly recommend having blankets if it is cold outside or you're in an air-conditioned room.

4. Don't be in an air-conditioned room. The sounds will distract you from the music. Actually, this rule ought to be don't be in a room with too many loud or noticeable aural distractions.

5. No headphones. You want the sound to seem like it is filling up the room with its heaviosity. Also, if you are laying down, headphones will eventually become uncomfortable.

6. Darkness is your friend. The room should be as dark as possible. It's good to do this at night or have drapes on your windows. A basement would be a good room.

7. You should probably be alone. If your friends (and you) can shut up for about 80 minutes, then it could be OK, but it's not likely.

8. Try not to move around too much while listening. Not so much because it makes noise, but you want to focus on what you are hearing and not what you are feeling on you skin.

9. No food and drink, except, maybe some water. I told you to eat first! This goes back to the focusing on aural sensations and not other senses.

10. Drugs are optional. They are not necessary, but may help. Something to help you focus or something to mellow you out (some stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens...)

11. Have yourself a good stereo. I did mention that you must not use headphones, but it is also important to have a stereo that can ably handle extreme low-end sounds (subwoofer!)

12. Turn it up. This should be self-explanatory. Louder = better, in this case.

13. Don't fall asleep. Meditation is fine, but no sleeping, you must listen.

14. Clothes are optional. I haven't tried listening without clothes on, but it is worth trying. It could possibly be distracting, though.

15. It's worth reiterating that you should NOT interupt your listening experience and prepare yourself before.

I think that's all (there may be more later). According to my iTunes, Earth 2 lasts 73:01. It really isn't that long. If you can sit through most films, you can take the time to follow these instructions and listen to Earth 2, without anything else getting in your way. And if you do, you will sleep better and you will be saved.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

2008: A Look Back, The Year In Review, Year-End Wrap Up...

I realize the year is not over, but it's close enough for me. I don't think I'll be hearing any new music in the next 2 1/2 weeks. Maybe! But I doubt it. So, here's my lists and such.

Top 20 Best Albums:

1. Marnie Stern - This Is It And I Am It And You Are It And So Is That And He Is It And She Is It And It Is It And That Is That

I couldn't stop listening to this album. It's a bunch of weird things put together that somehow work. Insane overdubbed vocals, motivational lyrics, SHRED, furious drums, and excellent, disjointed songwriting somehow made this album this best thing ever.

2. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles

I also could not stop listening to this album. When I first heard CC, I dismissed it as lame, video game music. After a while, I noticed the complexity and craftsmanship that went into it. It's not just video game sounds, there are actual songs and a lot of punk attitude and sass.

3. Boris - Smile

This may be the most inconsistent Boris album, but that's probably why I love it so much. All their different styles, noise, drone, rock-n-roll, experimental, krautrock, and even shoegaze, appear somewhere on this album, making diverse, but still distinctly Boris.

4. Titus Andronicus - The Airing Of Grievances


5. Fuck Buttons - Street Horrrsing

Noisy, droney, hypnotic and addictive is how I'd describe this record. It's abrasive, yet beautiful. It's the kind of album designed for a stereo and best listened to without any distractions.

6. Ellen Allien - Sool

A huge departure for Ellen Allien, but an exciting new direction. I don't know if I'd call this her best album, but it is great.

7. Black Mountain - In The Future

This was a real surprise. At first, it just seemed to be a derivative, 70s rocknroll/psych retread. And it kind of is. But the songs are interesting and memorable. They have two vocalists, both of whom are distinct and add something different. The guitar tones are lovely and the riffs are effective.

8. Enslaved - Vertebrae

This rules. I've liked pretty much any Enslaved tracks I've heard over the years and this is the first proper Enslaved album I've heard. It's just amazing proggy, black-ish metal. It's like a much more interesting and just plain better version of Opeth.

9. Basic Channel - BCD-2

Best album to dance to of 2008. It's minimal, but pounding techno with 10+ minute tracks that get stuck in your head right away.

10. Indian - Slights And Abuse/The Sycophant

Amped up doom metal with savage vocals. Perfect for the stereo.

11. the Magnetic Fields - Distortion

So many good songs, plenty of biting humor and guitars turned up to 11: a winning combination.

12. Juana Molina - Un Día

I don't know what to say about this album, other than that it's wonderful. I can't find the right words to describe it or even a genre that accurately suits it.

13. Gigan - The Order Of The False Eye

This is the best death psych-inflected death metal album Dillinger Escape Plan never made. I really can't stand Dillinger post-Irony Is A Dead Scene, so it's good to hear the tech-metal style continuing and still being innovative.

14. Flying Lotus - Los Angeles

One of the most surprising albums of the year. It's beautiful and relaxing, but full of force and strength. It's mind-bending, but danceable.

15. Intronaut - Prehistoricisms

Another surprise. I liked Intronaut a lot on the strength of The Challenger EP and eagerly awaited a new full-length. I couldn't believe how proggy this album is and how much awesome bass work is present. I mostly expected it to be a relatively good Neu-Isis/Metalgaze record.

16. Matmos - Supreme Balloon

I love Matmos. Doing an all-synth album sounded a bit too restrictive to me, but they managed to make something completely out-there, with each track sounding totally different (and incredibly Kraftwerk-ian).

17. Portishead - Third

Portishead's comeback is a resounding success. The songwriting is stronger than ever and the sampling is refreshing and modern.

18. Origin - Antithesis

Absolutely brutal technical death metal, no surprise that I like it. But Origin knows how to write a song and these dudes really brought their A-game to this record. I now want to buy their older albums...

19. Roots Manuva - Slime & Reason

I can't get these songs out of my head. At first, I thought it was a bit gimmicky and one-note, but it's got a lot more heft and innovation than it initially lets on. Roots is a fabulous emcee and his beats incorporate reggae and electro.

20. Cynic - Traced In Air

Cynic is back and kickin'. The disparate elements that make up Cynic's sound are better incorporated on this album than on Focus (I'm not sure that it's necessarily better, only time will tell). I'm glad that Cynic didn't botch (or Botch) this one. I was afraid it might not have the artistic merit of Focus and would be a sell-out album (not that that could be good also), but my fears were in vain.

Honorable Mentions:

These are some enjoyable albums that I didn't think were great per se, but still worth my time in some way. Some were very close to making the top 20, but there was something else better.

AIDS Wolf - Cities Of Glass
Bison B.C. - Quiet Earth
Black Spade - To Serve With Love
Blink - The Epidemic Of Ideas
the Breeders - Mountain Battles

the Bug - London Zoo
David Byrne & Brian Eno - Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
Cosmologic - Eyes In The Back Of My Head
Cult Of Luna - Eternal Kingdom
Dismember - Untitled
Dub Trio - Another Sound Is Dying
Dungen - 4
Eagle Nebula - Cosmic Headphones
Experimental Dental School - Jane Doe Loves Me
Fujiya & Miyagi - Lightbulbs
Jucifer - L'Autrichienne
Gong Linna - Chinese Folksongs
Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks - Real Emotional Trash
Maus Haus - Lark Marvels
Meshuggah - ObZen
the Microscopic Septet - Lobster Leaps In
Murs - Murs For President
Nachtmystium - Assassins: Black Meddle Part 2
Hossam Ramzy - Sabla Tolo III
Saviours - Into Abaddon
Silver Jews - Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea
Squarepusher - Just A Souvenir
Jessica Williams - Songs For A New Century
Withered - Folie Circulaire


the Bad Hand - In This Line Wish You Happiness,
Starting Teeth - I Continue In The Nude
Talk Normal - Secret Cog

Haven't Heard, But Wanted To:

I didn't have the time or the money to check out these albums, unfortunately.

5ive - Hesperus
Autechre - Quaristice
Capricorns - River, Bear Your Bones

Clark - Turning Dragon
Coffins - Buried Death
Grails - Doomsdayer's Holiday
Harvey Milk - Life... The Best Game In Town
Hennes Siste Høst - Host
Kasai Allstars - 17 In The 7th Moon, The Chief Turned Into A Swimming Fish And Ate The Head Of His Enemy By Magic
Krallice - Krallice
Mamiffer - Hirror Enniffer
MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
the Mountain Goats - Heretic Pride
Ocrilim - ANNWN
She & Him - Volume 1
Stereolab - Chemical Chords
Syclops - I've Got My Eyes On You

There's probably some others

Worst/Biggest Disappointments:

In no order...

1. Earth - The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skill

What is this? Earth? WHAT? This isn't drone or metal at all. My expectations were all wrong for this album and frankly, it just isn't very interesting music at all. What happened, Earth?

2. Made Out Of Babies - The Ruiner

I can't stand Julie Christmas. She's awful. Her singing is just garbage, it doesn't have any feeling. It's like she's just trying to be weird for no real reason.

3. Disfear - Live The Storm

Wow, why is this crap even getting any praise? It's been done and better. There's nothing new or particularly invigorating here. Tomas Lindberg doesn't make an album suddenly good. All the songs sound the same to the point that listening to this album is tedious.

4. Gojira - The Way Of All Flesh

I really wanted to like this album, but I can't connect with it or even just enjoy the sounds. It's like a big mess of polished, overproduced, pristine nothingness. The lack of humanity makes it hard to care about. They band has some serious chops, sure, but where's the heart?

5. the Kills - Midnight Boom

This is crap. Some songs are OK, but what happened to the blues? Why is this band suddenly a crappy, boring indie-pop group? I know, I know, bands change, blah, blah, but this was a horrible change. This band used to actually be interesting and have some substence.

No best songs list, it would take waaaaaaay to much time to compile, even if I only did singles. I guess my playlists in the past would sort of be like best song lists. So look at them.

Playlist 12.12.08 - FINAL SHOW


Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) Warner Bros
2. Enslaved "Ground" Vertebrae Nuclear Blast
3. Fuck Buttons "Bright Tomorrow" Street Horrring ATP Recordings
4. Marnie Stern "Roads? Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads" This Is It... Kill Rock Stars
5. Magnetic Fields "The Nun's Litany" Distortion Nonesuch
6. Basic Channel "Enforcement" BCD-2 Basic Channel
7. Indian "Lust" Slights And Abuse/The Sycophant Seventh Rule
8. Roots Manuva "Let The Spirit" Slime & Reason Big Dada
9. Titus Andronicus "Titus Andronicus" The Airing Of Grievances XL

Hour 2

10. Black Mountain "Queens Will Play" In The Future Jagjaguwar
11. Portishead "The Rip" Third Island
12. Gigan "Space Coffin Hallucinations" The Order Of The False Eye Napalm
13. Neutral Milk Hotel "Marching Theme" On Avery Island (1996) Merge
14. Boris "My Neighbor Satan" Smile Southern Lord
15. Crystal Castles "Through The Hosiery" Crystal Castles Last Gang
16. Origin "The Beyond Within" Antithesis Relapse
17. Ellen Allien "Out" Sool BPitch Control
18. Cynic "Integral Birth" Traced In Air Season Of Mist
19. Juana Molina "El Vestido" Un Día Domino
20. Intronaut "Any Port" Prehistoricisms Century Media

It was a very peculiar final show. I got a very random request, that NMH song. I messed up when I played that Portishead song. And I had to drop two tracks, sadly. There were: Matmos "Exciter Lamp & The Variable Band" and Flying Lotus "Riot."

So this was the final show, in all likelihood, ever. I'm going to study abroad in France next semester, so I geographically can't do a show. And I'd be busy anyway. I know I'll be extremely busy next year (my senior year), so I don't think I'll have time to do a show. And then my time in Bowling Green will be over and I have no intention of living in BG after school. Yeah, it's not looking good for the future of MLU. Maybe it'll just become this blog? Maybe the blog will be the only thing remaining ever? !!?? I'm not sure at all. I'm no fortune teller.

I have mixed feelings about the end of the show. Immediately, I feel sad. I'll miss all the new music and the actual act of doing the show. I'll miss the studio, the people, the studio's stereo, all that good stuff. However, planning a show every week is very time consuming and it'll be nice to not have to worry about it. I won't be listening to music and hoping that there are no FCC words in the songs I want to play. It's a little inconvenient that my show was on Friday night, even though I don't know what day would be better. Keeping up on new music is fun, but also very time consuming; it's not that it's bad. There just aren't enough hours in the day to hear all the new stuff. There are so many bands out there! Doing the show made me take note of just how vast the music world is. I think about all the mainstream music that most people listen to and just how limited that world is. How boring. People are missing out on so much.

This brings me to another point: is radio dying? I kind of think it is. I don't know any one, other than the DJs, who listens to the station. I've told my friends and acquaintances about my show and all, but they're just not interested. They just don't care as much about music. Maybe that's it. The radio exists more for the people who do care and that's why it hasn't gone away yet. The future is uncertain. Music will never go away, but the ways that people listen seems to be changing a lot. Maybe WBGU will be gone sometime in the near future. I don't want it to happen, but it almost seems inevitable.

Dang, that got a bit off-topic. Well, I'll post some more stuff about 2008 soon.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Playlist 12.5.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" (1985) Warner Bros
2. Microscopic Septet "Got Lucky" Lobster Leaps In (2008) Cuneiform
3. Stephen Colbert "Another Christmas Song" A Colbert Christmas (2008) Comedy Central
4. Mouse On Mars "Scat" Autoditacker (1997) Too Pure5. Talk Normal "Grinnin' In Your Face" Secret Cog EP (2008) -self-released-
6. Marnie Stern "Steely" This Is It... (2008) Kill Rock Stars
7. Juana Molina "¿Quién? (Suite)" Un Dia (2008) Domino
8. Enon "Rubber Car" Believo! (1999) Touch & Go
9. Eagle Nebula "Funny (Hip Hop)" Cosmic Headphones (2008) Epistrophik Peach
10. Zach Hill "Hindsight Is Nowhere" Astrological Straits (2008) Ipecac
11. Roots Manuva "Kick Up Ya Foot" Slime & Reason (2008) Big Dada
12. Enslaved "To The Coast" Vertebrae (2008) Nuclear Blast

Hour 2

13. Titus Andronicus "Arms Against Atrophy" The Airing Of Grievances (2008) XL
14. Dungen "Fredag" 4 (2008) Kemado
15. Fujiya & Miyagi "Goosebumps" Lightbulbs (2008) Deaf, Dumb And Blind
16. AIDS Wolf "General" Cities Of Glass (2008) Skin Graft
17. Cynic "The Unknown Guest" Traced In Air (2008) Season Of Mist
18. Squarepusher "The Coathanger" Just A Souvenir (2008) Warp
19. Xinlisupreme "I Am A New Christ (UT Mix)" Neinfuturer (2005) -no label-
20. David Byrne & Brian Eno "The River" Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (2008) -self-released-
21. the Bad Hand "?doG eeS eseeG Od" In This Line Wish You Happiness (2008) Daly City
22. Daedelus "If We Should featuring Laura Darlington" Love To Make Music To (2008) Ninja Tune
23. Bison B.C. "Wendigo Pt. 2 (Cursed To Roam)" Quiet Earth (2008) Metal Blade
24. Murs "I'm Innocent" Murs For President (2008) Warner Bros

The show went very well. I'm feeling the most comfortable in the studio as I've ever felt. Too bad this was the second-to-last show. I'm finally getting good at DJing, but now my tenure is coming to an end. I have mixed feelings and I'll share more about that later, on what may be the final post on this blog. For now, I'll just make a few comments. During this show, I played quite a few artists that have released their music on their own, ain't that neato? Second, Talk Normal is really cool. They were pretty insane live last week, but I think they sound even better recorded. I've very glad I bought their EP. After listening to that Daedelus album today, I decided that I really don't like it, only a few tracks on it are really good.

I'm beginning to plan the final, best of 2008 show. WHO WILL MAKE THE PLAYLIST????? There have been quite a few great releases this year, but I already know my top favorites. And next week I'll share them all.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Playlist 11.21.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (2008) Warner Bros
2. Marnie Stern "The Package Is Wrapped" This Is It... (2008) Kill Rock Stars
3. AIDS Wolf "Down Holy Ground" Cities Of Glass (2008) Skin Graft
4. Daedalus "Only For The Heartstrings" Love To Make Music To (2008) Ninja Tune
5. Blink "I Am" The Epidemic Of Ideas (2008) Thirsty Ear
6. Past Lives "Reverse The Curse" Strange Symmetry (2008) Suicide Squeeze
7. David Byrne & Brian Eno "I Feel My Stuff" Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (2008) -no label-
8. Hella "Republic Of Rough And Ready" Hold Your Horse Is (2002) 5 Rue Christine
9. Bison B.C. "Wendigo Pt. 1 (Quest For Fire)" Quiet Earth (2008) Metal Blade
10. Eagle Nebula "Ether Cash" Cosmic Headphones (2008) Epistrophik Peach
11. Cynic "The Space For This" Traced In Air (2008) Season Of Mist

Hour 2

12. French Miami "Multi Caliber Rifles" French Miami (2008) -self-released-
13. Murs "Think You Know Me" Murs For President (2008) Warner Bros
14. Enslaved "Reflection" Vertebrae (2008) Nuclear Blast
15. Fujiya & Miyagi "Dishwasher" Lightbulbs (2008) Deaf, Dumb & Blind
16. Roots Manuva "Let The Spirit" Slime And Reason (2008) Big Dada
17. Marnie Stern "Transformer" This Is It... (2008) Kill Rock Stars
18. the Microscopic Septet "Disconcerto For Donnie" Lobster Leaps In (2008) Cuneiform
19. Juana Molina "Los Hongos De Marosa" Un Dia (2008) Domino
20. Titus Andronicus "My Time Outside The Womb" The Airing Of Grievances (2008) XL
21. Silver Jews "Aloysius, Bluegrass Drummer" Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea (2008) Drag City
22. Bug & Roger Robinson "You & Me" London Zoo (2008) Ninja Tune

A good show this week. Good timing, good music, a good time. No show next week, I'll be out of town. Going to see Marnie Stern and "celebrate" Thanksgiving (mmm... pumpkin pie). Then only two shows left... it's really winding down. I should blog more, but I don't have time and I would actually have to put effort into it. Who wants to read a boring, thoughtless blog?

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Playlist 11.14.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) Warner Bros
2. Enslaved "Clouds" Vertebrae (2008) Nuclear Blast
3. Roots Manuva "Again & Again" Slime & Reason (2008) Big Dada
4. Silver Jews "We Could Be Looking For The Same Thing" Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea (2008) Drag City
5. Hossam Ramzy "Serr Makshoof (A Secret Exposed)" Sabla Tolo III (2008) Arc Music
6. Gang Gang Dance "Bebey" Saint Dymphna (2008) Social Registry
7. Past Lives "Strange Symmetry" Strange Symmetry EP (2008) Suicide Squeeze
8. Juana Molina "Un Dia" Un Dia (2008) Domino
9. Lee "Scratch" Perry "Crazy Pimp" Repentence (2008) Narnack
10. Marnie Stern "Ruler" This Is It (2008) Kill Rock Stars
11. Blink "Secret Weapon: Part I" The Epidemic Of Ideas (2008) Thirsty Ear
12. Blink "Rivers & Tides" The Epidemic Of Ideas (2008) Thirsty Ear

Hour 2

13. the Ex "Nem Úgy Van Most" Starters Alternators (1998) Touch & Go
14. Fujiya & Miyagi "Pickpocket" Lightbulbs (2008) Deaf, Dumb, And Blind
15. Daedalus "Get Off Your HiHats" Love To Make Music Ro (2008) Ninja Tune
16. AIDS Wolf "A Sacrificial Drone" Cities Of Glass (2008) Skin Graft
17. Bison B.C. "Quiet Earth" Quiet Earth (2008) Metal Blade
18. Flying Lotus "Roberta Flack (Featuring Dolly) Los Angeles (2008) Warp
19. Boris "Statement" Smile (2008) Southern Lord
20. Murs "The Science" Murs For President (2008) Warner Bros
21. the National "Mistaken For Strangers" Boxer (2007) Beggars Banquet
22. Black Dice "Treetops" Creature Comforts (2004) DFA Records
23. Sleater-Kinney "Turn It On" Dig Me Out (1997) Kill Rock Stars
24. the (International) Noise Conspiracy "Cross Of My Calling" The Cross Of My Calling (2008) Vagrant

I really messed up at the end of hour one, there. I seem to often have the problem of cuing up the wrong track. And this time I ended up playing 2 tracks by Blink and totally throwing off my timing.... not fun. Though I love that "Rivers And Tides" song. Awesome.

I forgot to mention on the show some upcoming concerts: Boris & Baroness in Cleveland, OH this Sunday the 16 at the Grog Shop (really wish I could go to this one because Boris is GREAT live -- sooo loud) and Marnie Stern in Cleveland, OH at the Beachland Ballroom/Tavern on Nov. 25 (definitely going to this, super psyched about it).

I was really glad to finally get to play the Ex on the show. What a great band! I need more of their albums (I'm listening to "Starters Alternators" right now).

I think perhaps I should retire Flying Lotus on the show until the final-best-of-'08 show. I've been playing "L.A." so much.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Playlist 11.7.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) Warner Bros
2. Starting Teeth "xxDONE" I Continue In The Nude (2008) Creaked
3. Enslaved "New Dawn" Vertebrae (2008) Nuclear Blast
4. Breeders "Divine Hammer" Last Splash (1993) 4AD
5. Marnie Stern "The Crippled Jazzer" This Is It And I Am It And You Are It And So Is That And He Is It And She Is It And It Is It And That Is That (2008) Kill Rock Stars
6. Murs "Love And Appreciation 2" Murs For President (2008) Warner Bros
7. AIDS Wolf "Cities Of Glass" Cities Of Glass (2008) Skin Graft
8. Juana Molina "Vive Solo" Un Día (2008) Domino
9. Steve Allee Trio "Dragonfly" Dragonfly (2008) Owl Studios
10. the Bug + Tippa Irie "Angry" London Zoo (2008) Ninja Tune
11. Blink "Misadventures" The Epidemic Of Ideas (2008) Thirsty Ear

Hour 2

12. Fujiya & Miyagi "Pussyfooting" Lightbulbs (2008) Deaf Dumb & Blind
13. Xotox "Bohrung 25" Hyperactive: The Best Of (2008) Vendetta
14. Fugazi "Full Disclosure" The Argument (2001) Dischord
15. Hossam Ramzy "Rasta Baladi" Sabla Tolo III (2008) Arc Music
16. Intronaut "Australopithecus" Prehistoricisms (2008) Century Media
17. Ghislain Poirier & MC Zulu "Go Ballistic" Go Ballistic Single (2008) Ninja Tune
18. Basic Channel "Octagon" BCD-2 (2008) Basic Channel
19. Dungen "Finns Det Nagon Mojlighet" 4 (2008) Kemado
20. Flying Lotus "Melt!" Los Angeles (2008) Warp
21. Daedalus "Hrs:Mins:Secs" Love To Make Music To (2008) Ninja Tune
22. Walkmen "Canadian Girl" You & Me (2008) Gigantic

It's nice to get back to normal on the show this week. Last week was Halloween and the week before that I got pre-empted by sports. I played the wrong Marnie Stern track!! I'm always writing down the wrong track numbers! That track I did play was pretty cool, though. I loved that Daedalus track, that new album is awesome! Lovin' the jazz, too. More jazz next week.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Playlist 10.31.08 - Special Halloween Edition

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) Warner Bros
2. Aphex Twin "Radiator" Selected Ambient Works, Vol. II (1994) Warp
3. Electric Wizard "Witchcult Today" Witchcult Today (2007) Rise Above
4. Nico "Evening Of Light" The Marble Index (1969) Elektra
5. Xotox "Nightmare" Hyperactive: The Best Of (2008) Vendetta
6. the Rapture "Olio" Echoes (2003) Strummer
7. Joy Division "Isolation" Closer (1980) Qwest
8. Khanate "Pieces Of Quiet" Khanate (2002) Southern Lord
9. Sunn O))) "It Took The Night To Believe" Black One (2005) Southern Lord

Hour 2

10. Godflesh "Streetcleaner" Streetcleaner (1989) Earache
11. Swans "Trust Me" Children Of God (1987) Young God
12. Nachtmystium "Code Negative" Assassins (2008) Century Media
13. Tarantula Hawk "Track 2" Tarantula Hawk (2002) Neurot
14. Lou Reed "Metal Machine Music, Part IV" Metal Machine Music (1975) Buddah
15. Nico "Nibelungen" The Marble Index (1969) Elektra
16. the Knife "Silent Shout" Silent Shout (2006) Rabid Records
17. Talking Heads "Psycho Killer" Talking Heads '77 (1977) Sire

Things went well. I was very relaxed during this show and glad to be doing a full show this week. I'm surprised how often my show seems to fall on holidays -- Valentine's, Earth Day, My Birthday, etc. It's fun (and actually very quick) to plan shows for holidays. Good luck to trainee Ashley who operated the board for hour 2.

Next week, back to normal..... no more MMM.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Playlist 10.24.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) Warner Bros
2. Flying Lotus "Sexslaveship" Los Angeles (2008) Warp
3. Walkmen "Red Moon" You & Me (2008) Gigantic
4. Gigan "Chrysalis" The Order Of The False Eye (2008) Napalm
5. Gojira "Toxic Garbage Island" The Way Of All Flesh (2008) Prosthetic
6. Ellen Allien "Elphine" Sool (2008) BPitch Control
7. Matmos "Rainbow Flag" Supreme Balloon (2008) Matador

Very short show tonight due to Hockey Game pre-emption. I'm pissed, I had planned out a whole show not at all aware of the fact that I would be pre-empted. But I can still play all that stuff during a later show.

Next week: special Halloween show, guaranteed to creep out or bum out (or both) everyone. And finally, the not-so-startling conclusion to Metal Machine Music, which really isn't related to Halloween at all.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Playlist 10.17.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) Warner Bros
2. Juana Molina "Lo Dejamos" Un Día (2008) Domino
3. Matmos "Mister Mouth" Supreme Balloon (2008) Matador
4. Cult Of Luna "Mire Deep" Eternal Kingdom (2008) Earache
5. Flying Lotus "Rickshaw" L.A. EP 1 X 3 (2008) Warp
6. Hossam Ramzy "El Shallal (The Waterfall)" Sabla Tolo III (2008) Arc Music
7. Starting Teeth "Empty" I Continue In The Nude (2008) Creaked
8. the Bug + Warrior Queen "Insane" London Zoo (2008) Ninja Tune
9. Intronaut "Sundial" Prehistoricisms (2008) Century Media
10. Xotox "[Xo]toxic" Hyperactive - The Best Of (2008) Vendetta
11. Walkmen "In The New Year" You & Me (2008) Gigantic

Hour 2

12. Les Savy Fav "What Would Wolves Do?" Let's Stay Friends (2007) Frenchkiss
13. Portishead "Machine Gun" Third (2008) Island
14. John Blackford "Polymorph" Mutations And Diseases (2008) Bot/Satamile
15. Lee "Scratch" Perry "Fire" Repentence (2008) Narnack
16. Gigan "Space Coffin Hallucinations" The Order Of The False Eye (2008) Napalm
17. Silver Jews "Suffering Jukebox" Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea (2008) Drag City
18. Lou Reed "Metal Machine Music, Part III" Metal Machine Music (1975) Buddah
19. AIDS Wolf "So Many Plastic Pearls" Cities Of Glass (2008) Skin Graft
20. Ellen Allien "Out" Sool (2008) BPitch Control
21. Dungen "Det Tar Tid" 4 (2008) Kemado

Things went well after the first half hour. I couldn't find a CD, but I found it after the show and will play it next week. I had a trainee tonight, I hope she benefitted from what I had to say and wish her good luck in her future at WBGU.

Metal Machine Music concludes next week, what awful noise will I play then?!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Bug + Warrior Queen Video

Here's a nice little video about the Bug + Warrior Queen. I was just writing in the last post about how cool that "Poison Dart" song is. It's interesting to learn a little more about the artists and their collaboration.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Playlist 10.10.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) Warner Bros
2. Gigan "Occult Rites Of The Uumpluuy" The Order Of The False Eye (2008) Napalm
3. the Mountain Goats "Dance Music" The Sunset Tree (2005) 4AD
4. Ellen Allien "MM" Sool (2008) BPitch Control
5. Hossam Ramzy "Nady Ala Alqabayel (Summoning The Tribes)" Sabla Tolo III (2008) Arc Music
6. Basic Channel "Enforcement" BCD-2 (2008) Basic Channel
7. Intronaut "Prehistoricisms" Prehistoricisms (2008) Century Media
8. Lee "Scratch" Perry "Chooga Cane" Repentence (2008) Lionsgate
9. AIDS Wolf "Ch Ch Ch Chatter" Cities Of Glass (2008) Skin Graft

Hour 2

10. Kimya Dawson "Caving In" Remember That I Love You (2006) K Records
11. Kraftwerk "Komentenmelodie 1" Autobahn (1974) EMI
12. Indian "Second Death" Slights & Abuse/The Sycophant (2008) Seventh Rule
13. Withered "Dichotomy Of Exile" Folie Circulaire (2008) Prosthetic
14. Fugazi "No Surprise" End Hits (1998) Dischord
15. Lou Reed "Metal Machine Music, Part II" Metal Machine Music (1975) Buddah
16. Flying Lotus "Parisian Goldfish" Los Angeles (2008) Warp
17. the Bug + Warrior Queen "Poison Dart" London Zoo (2008) Ninja Tune

I think the show went sort of badly this week. There were several times where I messed up with the CD players and there was the dreaded dead air. And starting late was not cool. I was a bit scatterbrained during most of the show. My timing was really off and I had to drop 5 tracks. That's a lot. Especially the Matmos one. I said I'd play it, but I didn't. Next week, next week. I think there's another hockey game though, so I could be late again.

I can't get that Bug + Warrior Queen song out of my head, though. Might have to play that other song off of London Zoo next week...

MMM continues! It has a weird calming effect on me.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Playlist 10.3.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) Warner Bros
2. Cult Of Luna "Eternal Kingdom" Eternal Kingdom (2008) Earache
3. Silver Jews "My Pillow Is The Threshold" Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea (2008) Drag City
4. Ellen Allien "Bim" Sool (2008) BPitch Control
5. Don Caballero "Pour You Into The Rug" Punkgasm (2008) Relapse
6. Dizzee Rascal "World Outside" Maths + English (2008) Def Jux
7. Experimental Dental School "Drum Circuit's Lake" Jane Doe Loves Me (2008) Cochon Records
8. Matmos "Supreme Balloon" Supreme Balloon (2008) Matador
9. Gridlink "3 Miles Below Sea Level" Amber Grey (2008) Hydra Head

Hour 2

10. Nachtmystium "Ghosts Of Grace" Assassins (2008) Century Media
11. Gigan "Imprisioned Within Duality" The Order Of The False Eye (2008) Napalm
12. Ghislain Poirier "Ballistic Riddim" Go Ballistic Single (2008) Ninja Tune
13. Flyng Lotus "Beginner's Falafel" Los Angeles (2008) Warp
14. Basic Channel "Phylyps Trak" BCD-2 (2008) Basic Channel
15. Lou Reed "Metal Machine Music, Part I" Metal Machine Music (1975) Buddah Records
16. Withered "Clamor Beneath" Folie Circulaire (2008) Prosthetic
17. Intronaut "The Literal Black Cloud" Prehistoricisms (2008) Century Media

The show went very well this week. I've set a couple of records for myself this time: longest track on the show as of yet with Matmos and fewest songs I've ever played, 17.

That Flying Lotus record is really wonderful. It's like, sort of relaxing and subtle, but still with a robust kind of sound. The bass is heavy.

I was really excited to start this series of Metal Machine Music. I don't play enough noise on the show and I want to change that. Problem being, noise tracks so often are very, very long and long typically isn't good for radio. I'm still playing it, though.

Speaking of noise, I read, I think on Wikipedia, a long time ago, some dude played the whole Merzbox on the air, beginning to end, in a row.... !

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Playlist 9.26.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) Warner Bros
2. Intronaut "Any Port" Prehistoricisms (2008) Century Media
3. the Sugarcubes "Birthday" Life's Too Good (1988) Elektra
4. Dizzee Rascal "Excuse Me Please" Maths + English (2008) Def Jux
5. Nachtmystium "Assassins" Assassins: Black Meddle Part 1 (2008) Century Media
6. Fugazi "Birthday Pony" Red Medicine (1995) Dischord
7. Ellen Allien "Its" Sool (2008) BPitch Control
8. Gigan "Still Image Symphony" The Order Of The False Eye (2008) Napalm
9. the Bug + the Spaceape "Fuckaz" London Zoo (2008) Ninja Tune
10. Talking Heads "The Good Thing" More Songs About Buildings And Food (1978) Sire
11. Derrick May "Freestyle" Innovator (1997) Transmat

Hour 2

12. Mission Of Burma "Birthday" The Obliterati (2006) Matador
13. Matmos "Polychords" Supreme Ballon (2008) Matdor
14. Boris "Flower, Sun, Rain" Smile (2008) Southern Lord
15. Flying Lotus "Comet Course" Los Angeles (2008) Warp
16. Black Spade "To Serve With Love" To Serve With Love (2008) Om
17. Burial "Arcangel" Untrue (2007) Hyperdub
18. Joanna Newsom "This Side Of The Blue" The Milk-Eyed Mender (2004) Drag City
19. the Smiths "Unhappy Birthday" Strangeways, Here We Come (1987) Sire
20. C/A/T "EncounterX41" The Great Crisis (2008) Crunch Pod
21. Ghislain Poirier & MC Zulu "Go Ballistic" Go Ballistic Single (2008) Ninja Tune
22. Zach Hill "Toll Road" Astrological Straits (2008) Ipecac

The show went well, but was a little stressful at the beginning. The studio was locked and I had to go get the key. Not fun. Luckily, I made it back to the studio just in time to start the show.

It was my birthday. I'm officially 21 and I even had a glass of wine (it wasn't very tasty -- it was like drinking some sort of cleaning chemical, maybe just not the right wine for me?).

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Playlist 9.19.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) Warner Bros
2. Ellen Allien "Sprung" Sool (2008) BPitch Control
3. Origin "The Beyond Within" Antithesis (2008) Relapse
4. Portishead "We Carry On" Third (2008) Island
5. Nachtmystium "Your True Enemy" Assassins: Black Meddle Part 1 (2008) Century Media
6. Matmos "Exciter Lamp & The Variable Band" Supreme Balloon (2008) Matador
7. Television "Marquee Moon" Marquee Moon (1977) Elektra
8. Black Mountain "Angels" In The Future (2008) Jagjaguwar
9. Crystal Castles "Vanished" Crystal Castles (2008) Last Gang
10. Boris "No One's Grieve" Smile (2008) Southern Lord
11. Crystal Castles "Courtship Dating" Crystal Castles (2008) Last Gang

Hour 2

12. Os Mutantes "A Minha Menina" Os Mutantes (1968) Polydor
13. Dismember "Dark Depths" Untitled (2008) Regain
14. Dizzee Rascal "Hard Back (Industry)" Maths + English (2008) Def Jux
15. the Velvet Underground "Run Run Run" The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967) Polygram
16. My Bloody Valentine "I Only Said" Loveless (1991) Sire
17. Enon "Those Who Don't Blink" Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds" (2007) Touch & Go
18. Gong Linna "My Girl" Chinese Folksongs (2008) Arc Music
19. Mission Of Burma "Max Ersnt's Dream" OnOffOn (2004) Matador
20. the Breeders "Night Of Joy" Mountain Battles (2008) 4AD
21. Bad Brains "House Of Suffering" I Against I (1982) SST
22. Pig Destroyer "Heathen Temple" Phantom Limb (2007) Relapse
23. Crystal Castles "Magic Spells" Crystal Castles (2008) Last Gang

Wow, and I'm back on the air. It was a hectic night, getting used to the new studio and all and doing a million things at once. No serious technical difficulties, but I did play a couple of the wrong songs, even though it worked out pretty well in general. My timing was very good and I was able to improvise competently. I'm excited to hear all the new CDs I've burned and of course play them next week (which just so happens to be my birthday!).

I'm currently listening to the new Jaguar Love album. I blogged previously about this band, albeit briefly, and my disappointment. This album is seeming to be pretty hit-or-miss for me. I'm really enjoying some songs, but others are just awful or awfully boring. It's no avant-garde hardcore punk, more like an amped up indie rock band meets retro-rock. But not punky at all. That troubles me.

I played an awful lot of Crystal Castles tonight, but all were good songs and one was by request, which I was so glad to honor. I really loved that Boris track that was sandwiched by the CC songs. It was beautiful.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Review: Ellen Allien - Sool

My first impression of this album is that it is unlike her earlier work. The melodies are minimal, comprised more of specific sounds and "blip" and "bleep" noises rather than smooth melodic passages. Rhythmically, it seems uncomplicated, relying on very basic beats, often midtempo or even slow.

I've always thought of Ellen Allien's music as listener-oriented techno and not just specifically for dancing. Sool makes this style even more obvious, as few tracks feel really dancable. Pop elements are few on this album; it is truly electronic music. Vocals are scant, chorus are nearly completely gone. Instead, it is subtle and challenging, demanding the listener's attention and making repeat listens absolutely necessary to fully comprehend what is going on in these songs. It is not immediate or urgent.

Sool makes good use of ambience and atmosphere, branching more into micro-house and IDM territory and leaving behind the clubby techno of songs like "The Brain Is Lost" (from Thrills), "Sehnsucht" (from Berlinette) and certainly "Rotary" (from the collaboration with Apparat, Orchestra Of Bubbles). The dance music isn't totally lost, as heard in "Its" and "MM," but it has changed from what it was on earlier albums. The melodies have lost fluidity and become quiet, in contrast to the more legato and loud tracks from Thrills.

The dance floor is not the place for an album like Sool, because Ellen Allien has branched out, daring to slow things down and make more complex music art rather than fodder for body moving (not to insult dance music, but this album just isn't that). Headphones would be more appropriate for this album, for its minimal, micro-house/IDM leanings are for audience craving interesting electronic music.

Friday, 6 June 2008


Summer's been nice so far. No stress whatsoever. I thought I would update this blog more, but I'm a lazy blogger. I'm working on some music reviews to put up here from some of the new releases (Matmos, Boris, Ellen Allien), but it's taking some time to do them. I actually want them to be somewhat well-written and not just "Yah! I heart this rekkid!! Matmos iz tha besst eva!" or something else superidiotic.

I'm excited about an upcoming concert -- Boris, Torche, Nachtmystium. I rarely go to shows since the last ones I went to had really bad sound and I would have rather stayed at home and listened to the records instead. But I just want to experience a really heavy band live and totally mess up my ears (I already have near-constant ringing, but I'm prepared for worse!). I wish Sunn O))) or Earth were coming to my town, but Boris will have to suffice. And Nachtmystium? Wow, originally it was going to be Wolves In The Throne Room, but now it's Nachtmystium. Awesome, I'm excited. They got a new album out soon or something.

That's all for now, I'm working on reviews.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Portishead - Third Review

Hooray for content!


"More of the same," is what I think of when listening to Portishead's Third. There are no huge stylistic departures from their first two albums; the genre remains the same. Yet, that is not a strike against them. Portishead were an inventive group when they released their first album, and Third continues on the same path in the so-called "trip-hop" genre. Though there aren't any big genre-related surprises on the album, the craftsmanshift and quality are astounding. It doesn't seem like they were M.I.A. for 10 years; they sound accomplished, refined, and fresh.

While the genre hasn't really changed, there are perhaps some new elements and updates to the Portishead sound. Some flirtation with industrial, as in the crunchy beat of "Machine Gun," or the cowbell in "Magic Doors," or the bluegrass-y "Deep Water" are new ground for the group. These new elements work well with the sort of patchwork, sampling style of Portishead and help to make each song sound unique. On the whole, the Third is remarkably consistent, despite each song being its own beast.

There are two songs on this album that reach over the 6 minute mark, which is certainly a stretch for a group making pop music. However, the songs ("We Carry On" and "Small") need to be that long and benefit from their length. The development, from the opening synth riff to the miscellaneous percussive touches to the bearly-noticable hook make the song remarkable and a real highlight. On their second album, 1997's Portishead, the songs seemed a bit overlong, dragging on without enough direction, but now the songs are tighter and more refined, where not a second is wasted.

Perhaps the only downside to the album is the moodiness. The band is just as depressing as they always were, the lyrics are typically bleak. Third isn't an album you listen to on your birthday or when you just won the lottery (unless you bought the album with your lottery money and want to mope about alienation from being rich). With the album being as consistent as it is, listening to it from beginning to end is only advisable when you're in the mood for something bleak.

Last Word: This album weirdly reminds me of Godflesh.

Recommended Songs: "Nylon Smile," "Plastic," "We Carry On"

Rating: 9/10

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Playlist 4.29.08 Last Show of the Semester

Hour 1: Currents

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) WEA
2. Gong Linna "Beautiful Red Flower" Chinese Folk Songs (2008) Arc Music
3. Jucifer "To The End" L'Autricienne (2008) Relapse
4. the Sword "Lords" Gods Of The Earth (2008) Kemado
5. the Magnetic Fields "California Girls" Distortion (2008) Nonesuch
6. Cadence Weapon "Real Estate" Afterparty Babies (2008) ANTI-
7. Black Mountain "Wucan" In The Future (2008) Jagjaguwar
8. Fuck Buttons "Colors Move" Street Horrsing (2008) ATP Recordings
9. Black Spade "Good Crazy" To Serve With Love (2008) Om Records
10. the Breeders "Mountain Battles" Mountain Battles (2008) 4AD
11. Origin "Finite" Antithesis (2008) Relapse
12. Crystal Castles "Untrust Us" Crystal Castles (2008) Last Gang

Hour 2: Classic/Favorites

13. Talking Heads "Psycho Killer" Talking Heads '77 (1977) Sire - Final Talking Heads Song Of The Week
14. Refused "New Noise" The Shape Of Punk To Come (1998) Burning Heart
15. Isolée "Beau Mot Plage" Rest (2000/2005) Playhouse
16. Os Mutantes "Desculpe, Babe" A Divina Comédia Ou Ando Meio Desligado (1970) Polydor
17. Xinlisupreme "Amaryllis" Tomorrow Never Comes (2002) Fat Cat Records
18. Pavement "Loretta's Scars" Slanted & Enchanted (1992/2002) Matador
19. the Blood Brothers "Meet Me At The Waterfront After The Social" March On Electric Children (2002) Three One G
20. Matmos "Regicide" or "For The Trees" The Civil War (2003) Matador
21. YKK "Portabella" -no album- (2002) -no label-
22. Hüsker Dü "Hare Krsna" Zen Arcade (1984) SST
23. Can "Sing Swan Song" Ege Bamyasi (1972) Mute
24. Björk "Mouth's Cradle" Medúlla (2004) Elektra

Wow, the last show, huh? It went by so quickly. I'm gonna miss doing it over the summer. I'll have so much music and no forum for promoting it... and good stuff in the studio that no one else seems to play won't get played, cause I'll be gone...unless I listen over the summer and make request, which I probably will.

Things went well during the show, no explosions or technical difficulties. I've really learned a lot about DJing over the course of the semester and I think I've improved a lot in my skills.

I really liked the playlist for tonight, a good mix of stuff. So many favorites and great new music that I'll keep listening to this summer. I really gotta check out that Crystal Castles album. That band is finally winning me over (I didn't like them at first, it sounded too video-game-y).

It was good to play some Can again. Can rules.

And that Chinese Folk Song thing from Gong Linna RULED. It's so pretty and interesting. I think it was the first Chinese artist on the show. Hopefully, I'll learn some more about Chinese music over the summer, cause now I'm really interested.

I think I'll try to blog over the summer, maybe once a week, like the show and all. I can't wait to pick up the new Portishead album tomorrow. I think I will write a review of it, provided it inspires me to verbosity.

I wonder what band I'll do for next semester's "of the week" thing. I'll have to contemplate it for a while.

Good night all.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Playlist 4.22.08

Hour -1

0. the Sword "The White Sea" Gods Of The Earth (2008) Kemado

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) WEA
2. Lightning Bolt "2 Towers" Wonderful Rainbow (2003) Load Records
3. the Mountain Goats "Dance Music" The Sunset Tree (2005) 4AD
4. Caribou "After Hours" Andorra (2007) Merge
5. Cursive "Into The Fold" Happy Hollow (2006) Saddle-Creek
6. Enon "Labyrinth" Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds (2007) Touch & Go
7. MF Doom w/ Angelika and 4ize "Guinnesses" MM...Food? (2004) Rhymesayers
8. Von Südenfed "Fledermaus Can't Get It" Tromatic Reflexxions (2007) Domino
9. Earth "Seven Angels" Earth 2 (1993) Sub Pop - In Honor Of Earth Day

Hour 2

10. Talking Heads "Houses In Motion" Remain In Light (1980) Sire - Talking Heads Song Of The Week
11. Baroness "Isak" The Red Album (2007) Relapse12. Solà Akingbolà "Boya Iro Ni" Routes To Roots: Yoruba Drums From Nigeria (2008) Arc Music
13. Meshuggah "Pineal Gland Optics" ObZen (2008) Nuclear Blast
14. the Soft Boys "I Wanna Destroy You" Underwater Moonlight (1980/2001) Matador
15. Uusitalo "Tulenkantaja" Tulenkantaja (2006) Huume Recordings
16. Kylesa "Identity Defined" Time Will Fuse Its Worth (2006) Prosthetic
17. Black Spade "Evil Love" To Serve With Love (2008) Om Records
18. Boris "Akuma No Uta" Akuma No Uta (2003) Southern Lord
19. Man Man "The Ballad Of Butter Beans" Rabbit Habit (2008) ANTI-
20. the Streets "What Is He Thinking?" A Grand Don't Come For Free (2004) Vice

Man, so man troubles this week. Not having the CDs I was planning on playing in the studio... there was a good bit of improvisation this week. But the timing and such worked out really well. I know that Streets song had some FCC violations... some of the words were censored and others were not censored, very odd. And the headphones in the studio are messed up, one side not working, dang. Surprisingly, the technology cooperated really well, though.

Wow, next week is the last show of the semester, I'm kind of sad. On the one hand, no more shows until next semester, but, however, I'll have a lot of time to listen to new music over the summer and I don't have to plan shows, so less responsibility. But I'm still sad :( <--see the sadness! Emoticons!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

This is GENIUS

I found this clip via The Deciblog.

Note: I do not support Barack Obama, or voting, or the US Government, or Twisted Sister.

I just the pun.

Playlist 4.15.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) WEA
2. Isolée "Do Re Mi" Wearemonster (2005) Playhouse
3. Godflesh "Head Dirt" Streetcleaner (1989) Earache
4. Paint It Black "Labor Day" Paradise (2005) Jade Tree
5. Fuck Buttons "Sweet Love For Planet Earth" Street Horrrsing (2008) ATP Recordings
6. Black Spade "Love's Right Here" To Serve With Love (2008) Om Records
7. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks "Elmo Delmo" Real Emotional Trash (2008) Matador
8. Dismember "No Honor In Death" Untitled (2008) Regain Records
9. PJ Harvey "The Devil" White Chalk (2007) Island
10. DNA "Egomaniac's Kiss" DNA On DNA (2004) No More Records
11. Solà Akingbolà "Olukumi" Routes To Roots: Yoruba Drums From Nigeria (2008) Arc Music
12. Mouse On Mars "Juju" Autoditacker (1997) Too Pure Records

Hour 2

13. Talking Heads "Take Me To The River" More Songs About Buildings And Food (1978) Sire - Talking Heads Song Of The Week
14. Dizzee Rascal "Dream" Showtime (2004) XL Recordings
15. Enon "Collette" Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds (2007) Touch & Go
16. Grupo Macarena "Tengo Tengo" Gypsy Flamenco (2007) Arc Music
17. Mission Of Burma "Outlaw" Signals, Calls, And Marches (1981/2008) Matador
18. Battles "Atlas" Mirrored (2007) Warp
19. Black Mountain "Queens Will Play" In The Future (2008) Jagjaguwar
20. Ellen Allien & Apparat "Turbo Dreams" Orchestra Of Bubbles (2006) BPitch Control
21. Born Against "Mound The Pavement" Patriotic Battle Hymns (2003) Kill Rock Stars
22. Black Dice "Kokomo" Load Blown (2007) Paw Tracks
23. Tomoe-Ryu Yutakadaiko "Taiko - Bayashi" Japanese Drums (2007) Arc Music
24. Mountain Goats "Pale Green Things" The Sunset Tree (2005) 4AD

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention that Mouse On Mars song on the air. A shame, because it is such a great song and a great group. MOM rules.

I was going to play Caribou instead of Black Dice, cause I found some excellent Caribou track, but the CD was not in the studio. I think someone was borrowing it, it's usually there. Perhaps next week?

Interesting note: in the studio, we have two copies of the Matmos record The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast. One in the 'indie' section, the other in the 'rpm/ige' section. I think it belongs in the latter section, though if we were to have any Matmos album x2, it should be The Civil War. I think it's my favorite Matmos album, but it's a tough choice since Matmos is the bomb like no other.

More death metal??!!?!?! Very odd for me. Death metal is probably one of the most difficult genres for me to get into since all the growling/grunting is very goofy and hard to take seriously for some reason. Screaming, no problem, I'm from the punk rock line of things and we like screaming and barking and yelling. But those grunts in the DM? Yuck. But I'm coming around to it, especially because there is so much good in death metal -- solos, solos, um, guitar tones? Tech stuff, yeah, I guess. Pretty much all the guitar fun. If I wanted sweet drumming, I'd listen to tech metal, i.e. Meshuggah. Meshuggah is the bomb. Will play Mes. next week. I'm thinking of doing another metal hour because there is so much good metal out there, new or otherwise. I have access to so much excellent metal and am always looking for new metallic goodness.

I am so tired right now. Why am I still awake? I need to sleep, but I just keep typing. So much to do 'tomorrow' and need sleep, sleep is good, 4am....

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Playlist 4.8.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) WEA
2. Black Dice "Drool" Load Blown (2007) Paw Tracks
3. Aesop Rock "Citronella" None Shall Pass (2007) Def Jux
4. Cursive "The Road To Financial Stability" The Storms Of Early Summer: Semantics Of Song (1998) Saddle Creek
5. Black Mountain "Tyrants" In The Future (2008) Jagjaguwar
6. Talking Heads "Cities" Fear Of Music (1979) Sire - Talking Heads Song Of The Week
7. Fuck Buttons "Ribs Out" Street Horrsing (2008) ATP Recordings
8. Solà Akingbolà "Witch Dance" Routes To Roots: Yoruba Drums From Nigeria (2008) Arc Music
9. Meshuggah "Combustion" ObZen (2008) Nuclear Blast
10. Jucifer "Champ De Mars" L'Autricienne (2008) Relapse
11. Black Spade "Not For The Bullshit" To Serve With Love (2008) Om Records

Hour 2

12. Origin "Wrath Of Vishnu" Antithesis (2008) Relapse
13. the Flaming Lips "The Spiderbite Song" The Soft Bulletin (1999) Warner Bros.
14. Matmos "Spondee" A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure (2001) Matador
15. the Mountain Goats "Broom People" The Sunset Tree (2005) 4AD
16. Xinlisupreme "Murder License" Neinfuturer (2007) -no label-
17. the Velvet Underground "I Heard Her Call My Name" White Light/White Heat (1968/1996) Verve/Polygram
18. Aphex Twin "Curtains" Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 (1994) Warp
19. the Blood Brothers "Six Nightmares At The Pinball Masquerade" Burn, Piano Island, Burn (2003) Artist Direct
20. Elliott Smith "Angeles" Either/Or (1997) Kill Rock Stars
21. the Magnetic Fields "Til The Bitter End" Distortion (2008) Nonesuch
22. John Coltrane "Locomotion" Blue Train (1957/1996) Blue Note

This show was probably the most calm and problem-free one of the whole semester. No technical trouble, no wrong tracks, not too much dead air as far as I can tell, not too much babbling or messing up with the talking, etc. It was fun show, a good selection this week. I was really feelin' the metal tracks this week, I'll probably play more of those artists again next week and more metally goodness, maybe some Pelican or Sunn O)))? I need to own more Sunn O))) albums.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Playlist 4.6.08: Mutated Version Of The Women In Music Show

Hour 1

1. Bikini Kill "Rebel Girl" Pussy Whipped, Kill Rock Stars

2. Ellen Allien "Wish" Berlinette, BPitch Control

3. PJ Harvey "Broken Harp" White Chalk, Island

4. Sleater-Kinney "One More Hour" Dig Me Out, Kill Rock Stars

5. Nico "Ari's Song" The Marble Index, Elektra

6. the Gathering "Strange Machines" Mandylion, Century Media

7. Melt-Banana "Pigeons On My Eyes" Scratch Or Stitch, Skin Graft

8. the Breeders "Metal Man" Pod, 4 AD

9. Erase Errata "High Society" Other Animals, Troubleman Unlimited

10. Björk "5 Years" Homogenic, Elektra

11. the Evens "Around The Corner" The Evens, Dischord

12. Os Mutantes "O Relógio" Os Mutantes, Polydor

13. Joanna Newsom "Sawdust & Diamonds" Ys, Drag City

Hour 2

14. M.I.A. "Sunshowers" Arular, XL Recordings/Interscope

15. Cibo Matto "Sugar Water" Viva! La Woman, Warner Bros

16. Pretty Girls Make Graves "Something Bigger, Something Brighter" The New Romance, Matador

17. Cat Power "Good Woman" You Are Free, Matador

18. Yoshida Tatsuya & Fujii Satoko "Westerlies" Erans, Tzadik

19. Shannon Wright "Absentee" Maps Of Tacit, Quarterstick

20. Denali "Run Through" The Instinct, Jade Tree

21. My Bloody Valentine "To Here Knows When" Loveless, Creation Records

22. Edith Piaf "L'Accordéoniste" Trentième Anniversaire, EMI Music France

23. Portishead "Pedestal" Dummy, Polygram Records

24. Neko Case "Margaret Vs. Pauline" Fox Confessor Brings The Flood, ANTI-

25. Mira Calix "Skin With Me (Andrea Parker Remix)" Prickle, Warp Records

This show was really fun to do. It's weird having sort of a theme to go by, but it was still pretty diverse and I really liked the selection.

I don't know why there is double spacing up there.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I will be substituting for another DJ this Sunday, April 6, 2008, from 4-6pm.

I will be featuring women in music from various genres, sort of a mutated version of the show that is usually on (I Enjoy Being A Girl: The Women In Music Show).
I'll post a playlist for it later that day.

There will be Blood Björk.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Playlist 4.1.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "You Trip Me Up" Psychocandy (1985) WEA - April Fools!
2. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks "Wicked Wanda" Real Emotional Trash (2008) Matador
3. Isis "Holy Tears" Holy Tears Single (2008) Ipecac
4. Fuck Buttons "Bright Tomorrow" (2008) ATP/R
5. Jucifer "To Earth" L'Autricienne (2008) Relapse
6. Solà Akingbolà "Seegesi Olooya" Routes To Roots: Yoruba Drums From Nigeria (2008) Arc Music
7. the Sword "How Heavy This Axe" Gods Of The Earth (2008) Kemado
8. Mission Of Burma "Learn How" Vs. (1982/2008) Matador
9. Disfear "The Cage" Live The Storm (2008) Relapse
10. Dub Trio "Agonist" Another Sound Is Dying (2008) Ipecac
11. the Magnetic Fields "Three Way" Distortion (2008) Nonesuch

Hour 2

12. Swans "Blackmail" Children Of God (1987/2003) Young God Records
13. J Dilla "Don't Cry" Donuts (2006) Stones Throw
14. os Mutantes "Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour" Os Mutantes (1968) Polydor
15. Burial "Shell Of Light" Untrue (2007) Hyperdub
16. Hella "1-800-Ghost-Dance" Hold Your Horse Is (2002) 5 Rue Christine
17. Frank Zappa "What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?" We're Only In It For The Money (1968) Rykodisc
18. Talking Heads "Artists Only" More Songs About Buildings And Food" (1978) - Talking Heads Song Of The Week
19. Minor Threat "Seeing Red" Complete Discography (1989) Dischord
20. Fugazi "Styrofoam" Repeater + 3 Songs (1990) Dischord
21. the Evens "All These Governors" The Evens (2005) Dischord
22. Fugazi "Blueprint" Repeater + 3 Songs (1990) Dischord
23. Hüsker Dü "I'll Never Forget You" Zen Arcade (1984) SST
24. Dizzee Rascal "Respect Me" Showtime (2004) XL
25. Converge "Versus" No Heroes (2006) Epitaph
26. Black Dice "Roll Up" Load Blown (2007) Paw Tracks

Things went mostly well. There were some problems with the PSAs on the computer, but I guess all the PSAs have some sort of "important moral" message, which makes it OK to at least play one of them? Maybe? Still fulfills the whole "serving the community" aspect of the station. But! People need to know about
mercury poisoning!

I was going to play this hilarious Pirate Metal band called
Alestorm today, but the CD we have in the studio only has a clip from the song I planned on playing ("Mead And Wenches"). Sad, but true. It was supposed to be an April Fools thing, but it did not turn out as I planned, which is the reason for that link up there. ^

I totally messed up with the first Fugazi song! I cued up the wrong track, then interrupted it with the right one. Sorry, ya'll. And the second one happened completely randomly, it was improvised!

I also messed up with the Converge track by pressing the button on the wrong CD player. Whoops.

To my credit, I was multi-tasking a lot at the time of my mistakes, talking and such.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Playlist 3.25.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) WEA
2. Xinlisupreme "Soprano Meditation" Neinfuturer (2007) -no label-
3. Ellen Allien "Naked Rain" Thrills (2005) BPitch Control
4. Melt-Banana "Sick Zip Everywhere" Scratch Or Stitch (1996) Skin Graft
5. Tomoe-Ryu Yutakadaiko "Toyogawano Nagare - Karyu" Japanese Drums (2007) Arc Music
6. Mr. Lif "The Fries" Mo' Mega (2006) Def Jux
7. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks "Dragonfly Pie" Real Emotional Trash (2008) Matador
8. Konono Nº1 "Mama Liza" Live At Couleur Café (2007) Crammed Discs
9. Talking Heads "Don't Worry About The Government" Talking Heads '77 (1977) Sire - Talking Heads Song Of The Week
10. Jucifer "L'Autrichienne" L'Autrichienne (2008) Relapse

Hour 2

11. the Magnetic Fields "The Nun's Litany" Distortion (2008) Nonesuch
12. Fatal Flying Guilloteens "The Siren" Quantum Fucking (2007) French Kiss
13. Black Dice "Gore" Load Blown (2007) Paw Tracks
14. MF Doom "Potholderz" MM...Food? (2004) Rhymesayers
15. the Ocean "Orosirian" Precambrian (2007) Metal Blade
16. Mission Of Burma "Is This Where?" The Obliterati (2006) Matador
17. Burial "Near Dark" Untrue (2007) Hyperdub
18. Uusitalo "Sikojen Juhla" Karhunainen (2007) Huume Recordings
19. Neko Case "Dirty Knife" Fox Confessor Brings The Flood (2006) ANTI-
20. Prefuse 73 "Spaced + Dissonant" Preparations (2007) Warp
21. Dub Trio "The Midnight Rider" Another Sound Is Dying (2008) Ipecac
22. Saviours "Firewake Angel" Into Abaddon (2008) Kemando

Things went well. C'est tout.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Playlist 3.18.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) WEA
2. Burial "Etched Headplate" Untrue (2007) Hyperdub
3. Talking Heads "Drugs" Fear Of Music (1979) Sire - Talking Heads Song Of The Week
4. Massive Attack "Teardrop" Mezzanine (1998) Virgin
5. Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros "Johnny Appleseed" Global A Go-Go (2001) Epitaph
6. Julee Cruise "Falling" Floating Into The Night (1989) Warner Bros
7. Erase Errata "Billy Mummy" Other Animals (2001) Troubleman Unlimited
8. Mastodon "Workhorse" Remission (2002) Relapse
9. Xinlisupreme "Tokyo Moon" Neinfuturer (2007) -no label-
10. Prefuse 73 "Smoking Red" Preparations (2007) Warp
11. Black Dice "Toka Toka" Load Blown (2007) Paw Tracks

Hour 2

12. Von Südenfed "Serious Brainskin" Tromatic Reflexxions (2007) Domino
13. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks "Baltimore" Real Emotional Trash (2008) Matador
14. Meshuggah "Lethargica" ObZen (2008) Nuclear Blast
15. Aesop Rock "Coffee" None Shall Pass (2007) Def Jux
16. the Good Life "You Don't Feel Like Home To Me" Help Wanted Nights (2007) Saddle Creek
17. Dub Trio "Who Wants To Die?" Another Sound Is Dying (2008) Ipecac
18. the Soft Boys "Where Are The Prawns?" Underwater Moonlight [outtake] (1980/2001) Matador
19. Fire Engines "Sympathetic Anaesthetic" Hungry Beat (1980/2007) Acute Records
20. Mission Of Burma "Secrets" Vs. (1982/2008) Matador
21. Ornette Coleman "Eventually" The Shape Of Jazz To Come (1959) Atlantic
22. Asha Bhosle "In Aankhon Ki Masti" The Rough Guide To Bollywood Gold (2007) World Music Network

Things were kind of hectic today. I felt "off my game" because I was quite tired, as I still am right now, it's about 3:40am.

I must take a nap before the show next week.

And hooray because we got the new Jucifer album in the studio. I'll listen to it and hopefully, if it's any good, I'll a track or two from it next week. Not that I'm doubting the quality here, but I've been let down before. If no Jucifer, there's always Electric Wizard and Saviours and the Ocean and Disfear that I can play in the new-metal-releases area of things.

Man, after the first hour, plugging the fund drive just got kind of annoying. Luckily, it's only for this week and next week I can get back to blabbing my opinions and miscellaneous facts about the music I play. I do hope we raise a decent amount of cash. I know I donated some money and encouraged my family to.

Lately, I'm really loving Xinlisupreme and Burial. And Mission Of Burma. I just bought the reissues and so far, so good. I gotta listen to them all and watch the DVDs and read the booklets!

I really can't shake the Burial obsession. I even bought the first self-titled album. It's not as good, but still interesting. It seems more ambient and less, I suppose, full-sounding, but the space is nice. I should listen to it some more.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Playlist 3.11.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) WEA Records
2. the (International) Noise Conspiracy "Capitalism Stole My Virginity" A New Morning, Weather Changing (2001) Epitaph
3. the New Flesh "No Expectations" Vessel (2007) Human Conduct
4. the Evens "No Money" Get Evens (2006) Dischord
5. Joanna Newsom "Monkey & Bear" Ys (2006) Drag City
6. Electric Wizard "Dunwich" Witchcult Today (2007) Candlelight
7. PJ Harvey "When Under Ether" White Chalk (2007) Island
8. Jucifer "Vulture Story" I Name You Destroyer (2002) Velocette
9. Uusitalo "Satumaa" Karhunainen (2007) Huume Recordings
10. Edith Piaf "Milord" 30th Anniversary (1959/1994) Angel
11. Pelican "Dead Between The Walls" City Of Echoes (2007) Hydra Head

Hour 2

12. os Mutantes "Meu Refrigerador Não Funciona" A Divina Comédia Ou Ando Meio Desligado (1970) Polydor
13. Degenerate Art Ensemble "Checkersplitter" Cuckoo Crow (2007) Tellous
14. Pavement "Perfume-V" Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe (1992/2002) Matador
15. Konono No. 1 "Nsimba & Nzuzi" Live At Couleur Café (2007) Crammed Discs
16. Saviours "Into Abaddon" Into Abaddon (2008) Kemando
17. Oku Onuora "Dub Out" Essential Dub (2007) ROIR Records
18. Mohammed Rafi "Chahw Mujhe Koi Junglee Kahen" The Rough Guide To Bollywood Gold (2007) World Music
19. Talking Heads "The Good Thing" More Songs About Buildings And Food (1978) Sire - Talking Heads Song Of The Week
20. Massive Attack "Exchange" Mezzanine (1998) Virgin
21. Pelican "March To The Sea" The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw (2005) Hydra Head

Closed out both hours with Pelican because it feels like Pelican-y weather outsde recently and I've been listening to them a lot lately.

I had some more technical difficulties this week with the playlist thingy not working properly, but toward the end of the show, it started working again, so yippie.

Things went pretty well though, I really liked the music this week, despite having to drop a few tracks that I'll just play next week. It was good to be back after my absence last week, even if I was incredibly tired while doing the show.

A side note: I could not find the new Jucifer album in the studio. I know it was added, but I just can't find it! And the metal section is always so neatly organized. Maybe someone was borrowing it? I kind of doubt it, though. I really want to hear it, and subsequently, play it. Maybe I'll just buy it myself.