Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Playlist 4.1.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "You Trip Me Up" Psychocandy (1985) WEA - April Fools!
2. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks "Wicked Wanda" Real Emotional Trash (2008) Matador
3. Isis "Holy Tears" Holy Tears Single (2008) Ipecac
4. Fuck Buttons "Bright Tomorrow" (2008) ATP/R
5. Jucifer "To Earth" L'Autricienne (2008) Relapse
6. Solà Akingbolà "Seegesi Olooya" Routes To Roots: Yoruba Drums From Nigeria (2008) Arc Music
7. the Sword "How Heavy This Axe" Gods Of The Earth (2008) Kemado
8. Mission Of Burma "Learn How" Vs. (1982/2008) Matador
9. Disfear "The Cage" Live The Storm (2008) Relapse
10. Dub Trio "Agonist" Another Sound Is Dying (2008) Ipecac
11. the Magnetic Fields "Three Way" Distortion (2008) Nonesuch

Hour 2

12. Swans "Blackmail" Children Of God (1987/2003) Young God Records
13. J Dilla "Don't Cry" Donuts (2006) Stones Throw
14. os Mutantes "Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour" Os Mutantes (1968) Polydor
15. Burial "Shell Of Light" Untrue (2007) Hyperdub
16. Hella "1-800-Ghost-Dance" Hold Your Horse Is (2002) 5 Rue Christine
17. Frank Zappa "What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?" We're Only In It For The Money (1968) Rykodisc
18. Talking Heads "Artists Only" More Songs About Buildings And Food" (1978) - Talking Heads Song Of The Week
19. Minor Threat "Seeing Red" Complete Discography (1989) Dischord
20. Fugazi "Styrofoam" Repeater + 3 Songs (1990) Dischord
21. the Evens "All These Governors" The Evens (2005) Dischord
22. Fugazi "Blueprint" Repeater + 3 Songs (1990) Dischord
23. Hüsker Dü "I'll Never Forget You" Zen Arcade (1984) SST
24. Dizzee Rascal "Respect Me" Showtime (2004) XL
25. Converge "Versus" No Heroes (2006) Epitaph
26. Black Dice "Roll Up" Load Blown (2007) Paw Tracks

Things went mostly well. There were some problems with the PSAs on the computer, but I guess all the PSAs have some sort of "important moral" message, which makes it OK to at least play one of them? Maybe? Still fulfills the whole "serving the community" aspect of the station. But! People need to know about
mercury poisoning!

I was going to play this hilarious Pirate Metal band called
Alestorm today, but the CD we have in the studio only has a clip from the song I planned on playing ("Mead And Wenches"). Sad, but true. It was supposed to be an April Fools thing, but it did not turn out as I planned, which is the reason for that link up there. ^

I totally messed up with the first Fugazi song! I cued up the wrong track, then interrupted it with the right one. Sorry, ya'll. And the second one happened completely randomly, it was improvised!

I also messed up with the Converge track by pressing the button on the wrong CD player. Whoops.

To my credit, I was multi-tasking a lot at the time of my mistakes, talking and such.

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