Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Playlist 3.18.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) WEA
2. Burial "Etched Headplate" Untrue (2007) Hyperdub
3. Talking Heads "Drugs" Fear Of Music (1979) Sire - Talking Heads Song Of The Week
4. Massive Attack "Teardrop" Mezzanine (1998) Virgin
5. Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros "Johnny Appleseed" Global A Go-Go (2001) Epitaph
6. Julee Cruise "Falling" Floating Into The Night (1989) Warner Bros
7. Erase Errata "Billy Mummy" Other Animals (2001) Troubleman Unlimited
8. Mastodon "Workhorse" Remission (2002) Relapse
9. Xinlisupreme "Tokyo Moon" Neinfuturer (2007) -no label-
10. Prefuse 73 "Smoking Red" Preparations (2007) Warp
11. Black Dice "Toka Toka" Load Blown (2007) Paw Tracks

Hour 2

12. Von Südenfed "Serious Brainskin" Tromatic Reflexxions (2007) Domino
13. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks "Baltimore" Real Emotional Trash (2008) Matador
14. Meshuggah "Lethargica" ObZen (2008) Nuclear Blast
15. Aesop Rock "Coffee" None Shall Pass (2007) Def Jux
16. the Good Life "You Don't Feel Like Home To Me" Help Wanted Nights (2007) Saddle Creek
17. Dub Trio "Who Wants To Die?" Another Sound Is Dying (2008) Ipecac
18. the Soft Boys "Where Are The Prawns?" Underwater Moonlight [outtake] (1980/2001) Matador
19. Fire Engines "Sympathetic Anaesthetic" Hungry Beat (1980/2007) Acute Records
20. Mission Of Burma "Secrets" Vs. (1982/2008) Matador
21. Ornette Coleman "Eventually" The Shape Of Jazz To Come (1959) Atlantic
22. Asha Bhosle "In Aankhon Ki Masti" The Rough Guide To Bollywood Gold (2007) World Music Network

Things were kind of hectic today. I felt "off my game" because I was quite tired, as I still am right now, it's about 3:40am.

I must take a nap before the show next week.

And hooray because we got the new Jucifer album in the studio. I'll listen to it and hopefully, if it's any good, I'll a track or two from it next week. Not that I'm doubting the quality here, but I've been let down before. If no Jucifer, there's always Electric Wizard and Saviours and the Ocean and Disfear that I can play in the new-metal-releases area of things.

Man, after the first hour, plugging the fund drive just got kind of annoying. Luckily, it's only for this week and next week I can get back to blabbing my opinions and miscellaneous facts about the music I play. I do hope we raise a decent amount of cash. I know I donated some money and encouraged my family to.

Lately, I'm really loving Xinlisupreme and Burial. And Mission Of Burma. I just bought the reissues and so far, so good. I gotta listen to them all and watch the DVDs and read the booklets!

I really can't shake the Burial obsession. I even bought the first self-titled album. It's not as good, but still interesting. It seems more ambient and less, I suppose, full-sounding, but the space is nice. I should listen to it some more.

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