Friday, 6 June 2008


Summer's been nice so far. No stress whatsoever. I thought I would update this blog more, but I'm a lazy blogger. I'm working on some music reviews to put up here from some of the new releases (Matmos, Boris, Ellen Allien), but it's taking some time to do them. I actually want them to be somewhat well-written and not just "Yah! I heart this rekkid!! Matmos iz tha besst eva!" or something else superidiotic.

I'm excited about an upcoming concert -- Boris, Torche, Nachtmystium. I rarely go to shows since the last ones I went to had really bad sound and I would have rather stayed at home and listened to the records instead. But I just want to experience a really heavy band live and totally mess up my ears (I already have near-constant ringing, but I'm prepared for worse!). I wish Sunn O))) or Earth were coming to my town, but Boris will have to suffice. And Nachtmystium? Wow, originally it was going to be Wolves In The Throne Room, but now it's Nachtmystium. Awesome, I'm excited. They got a new album out soon or something.

That's all for now, I'm working on reviews.

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