Friday, 24 October 2008

Playlist 10.24.08

Hour 1

1. the Jesus And Mary Chain "My Little Underground" Psychocandy (1985) Warner Bros
2. Flying Lotus "Sexslaveship" Los Angeles (2008) Warp
3. Walkmen "Red Moon" You & Me (2008) Gigantic
4. Gigan "Chrysalis" The Order Of The False Eye (2008) Napalm
5. Gojira "Toxic Garbage Island" The Way Of All Flesh (2008) Prosthetic
6. Ellen Allien "Elphine" Sool (2008) BPitch Control
7. Matmos "Rainbow Flag" Supreme Balloon (2008) Matador

Very short show tonight due to Hockey Game pre-emption. I'm pissed, I had planned out a whole show not at all aware of the fact that I would be pre-empted. But I can still play all that stuff during a later show.

Next week: special Halloween show, guaranteed to creep out or bum out (or both) everyone. And finally, the not-so-startling conclusion to Metal Machine Music, which really isn't related to Halloween at all.

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