Saturday, 9 January 2010

2009 - The Music I Missed

These are the albums that I didn't get around to, for reasons stated below. Hopefully, I'll find time for them in '10, amongst the usual onslaught of new releases.

Obscura - Cosmogenesis

I'm pretty sure I first heard about this band on the Requiem Metal Podcast (link on the side) and I was instantly impressed by their stylings. It's tech death metal, which I am usually a fan of, but the songwriting on the songs I've heard is particularly good. They really have a lot of soul and are surprisingly accessible and catchy. The main reason for my not getting this record is lack of funds, though I'm a little afraid that I listen to too much tech death. Maybe I just need to embrace the fact that I really dig the genre and stop giving subpar non-tech death metal bands attention that is often unwarranted.

Tombs - Winter Hours

I read about Tombs in Decibel a while back and promptly checked them out on the 'net. On the first listen, I really wasn't feeling it. Then, once again, I was listen to Requiem, and the songs really won me over. This band is difficult to classify, but their melding is an exciting one. I definitely need to keep this album on my list and pick it up in the future.

Lightning Bolt - Earthly Delights

I've kind of fallen out of touch with the Bolt. As can be seen by my best of the decade list, I really loved Wonderful Rainbow (and Ride The Skies, for that matter), but when I heard Hypermagic Mountain, I pretty much just shrugged it off. It was different from the ones I liked and I wasn't sure I liked the direction they were heading in. I really haven't listened to it much, hence why I haven't gotten LB's 2009 effort. I heard a song from this album online, but it didn't get me hyped up to buy the album. I think somewhere down the line I'll end up giving Hypermagic Mountain some more time and then possibly picking up this album, but only time will tell.

Dälek - Gutter Tactics

I really dug the previous Dälek album, Abandoned Language, but this group has so many albums that I don't have that I thought it would be kind of pointless to follow them as the new albums come out. I have to catch up on the catalogue before buying their newer albums. Also, this album got some moderate reviews, so I'm not convinced that it's an urgent buy.

Krallice - Dimensional Bleedthrough

I should own this album. Really ought to. I'm a fan of Mick Barr's Orthrelm and Ocrilim bands and I also enjoy the current wave of American black metal, so why haven't I picked this up (and Krallice's self-titled album from last year)? Pretty much an issue of money. I can only buy so many albums and I've spent all my iTunes gift card money from the holidays. This album is pretty high on my list to buy. Every time I read about this band, or hear one of their songs, I immediately think "I NEED TO BUY THIS NOW," but I'm still hesitant since..... I don't quite know why I hesitate at all. I just need to get this record ASAP.

Millions - Gather Scatter

Another band I heard about in Decibel. I actually listened to this whole album online in the summer (legally!), but I didn't buy the album because I already had so many others that I wanted to buy and thought "oh, I'll get it later or something, I have half a year." And then I lost some enthusiasm for the band. And now I regret not buying it, because it's good, simple, well-made rock music. And I need some more rock music, nothing too extreme or outrageous. Just some good rock.

Moss - Tombs Of The Blind Drugged

I think I may have stumbled across this band from some other band's Myspace page, or from Rise Above records or something like that. So, I like doom metal stuff and this band is pretty cool. The release is only an EP, but it's like 40 minutes long and the last song is a cover that has been stretched out to like 8-10 minutes or something like that. This band has some other albums that I'm also interested in, but I thought an EP might be a good place to start. This band does greatly ressemble Electric Wizard, but I don't care because I dig the Wiz and if I'm going to like another doom band, it's no surprise that something similar also appeals to me.

Jesu - Infinity

I got the Opiate Sun EP and it's really good, but some weird fascination with Justin Broadrick's Jesu project makes me want to buy this other release from this year. It's a 40 minute song, but somehow, I really think I'll like it. It'll probably take me a while to pick this one up, but I'm convinced that it's worth my time.

Mastodon - Crack The Skye

Mastodon is a very good and also very important band in the metal world. They've made a few bona fide classics of the early 2000s and they've made a career for themselves, signing to a major label and all, but without sacrificing their integrity or their artistry. However, I'm just not into their new direction. I would never accuse the band of selling out, and if you hear anything from this era of the band and you're familiar with their history, you'd know this is a logical step for them. I just can't dig it. Mostly because I really hate the vocals. I'm not a fan of clean vocals in the metal realm, though there are some exceptions, but this is too much for me. I even heard a bunch of these songs live and wasn't won over. I just prefer the older stuff. I still greatly respect the band, but I just won't be buying their musics much anymore.

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