Friday, 15 January 2010

New Music: Salome

I was reading the new Decibel about the most anticipated releases of 2010 and came across a name I've never heard: Salome. This band has a female vocalist, so naturally, as a lady who likes metal, I'm interested in hearing their musical offerings. And I like what I hear! It's doomy fun for the whole family! Their songs don't seem to be too long, which can sometimes be a problem with this genre, though I have some tendency to enjoy loooooong songs.

What caught my attention first on their Myspace page was the list of influences because it included so many bands that I like (Isis, Khanate, Electric Wizard, Kyuss, etc.). What caught my attention furthermore is the fact that there is a FUGAZI cover. And I looked at the word "Blueprint," debating if I should give it a listen, half in disbelief. So I took the plunge and listened to it. It's about 5 and half minutes long, which adds about a minute and a half to the
Repeater classic. Unfortunately, it kind of ruins what I like about the original: the melodic, yet raw vocal stylings of Guy Picciotto, the simple, but memorable guitar lines, and the driving rhythms. I posted a long time ago about how I usually hate cover songs, but in this instance, I can at least appreciate that a band chooses such a great band (and song) to cover and let their less-than-stellar interpretation slide. That, and their original songs are freakin' sweet. I'll probably be buying their new album, whenever it comes out this year.

Here's a link to their Myspace:

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